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   Asian Medicinal Herb Seed 2014, Open Pollinated
Grown at the Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm

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Name seeds/pkt Type Light
Agastache rugosa, Korean Mint, Tu Huo Xiang 50 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun
Allium tuberosum, Garlic Chives, Jiu Cai Zi 50 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun
Anemarrhena asphodeloides, Zhi Mu 25 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun
Angelica dahurica, Bai Zhi 50 Biennial, Herbaceous Sun
Angelica pubescens, Du Huo 25 Biennial, Herbaceous Sun
Asparagus cochinchinensis, Tian Men Dong 25 Perennial Vine Sun to pt sun
Belamcanda chinensis, Blackberry Lily, She Gan 25 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun
Bupleurum chinense, Chai Hu 30 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun
Carthamus tinctorius, Safflower, Hong Hua 25 Annual Sun
Cassia angustifolia, Tinnevelly Senna, Fan Xia Ye 25 Tender Tree Sun
Cnidium monnieri, She Chuan Zi 50 Annual Sun
Codonopsis pilosula, Poor Man’s Ginseng, Dang Shen 35 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun
Coix lacryma-jobi, Job’s Tears, Yi Yi Ren 20 tender perennialShade
Dianthus superbus, Fringed Pink, Qu Mai 50 Perennial Sun
Dipsacus asperoides, Japanese Teasel, Xu Duan 25 Perennial Sun
Eleutherococcus nodiflorus (syn. E. gracilistylus & Acanthopanax gracilistylus), Wu Jia Pi 25 Perennial Shrub Sun
Gentiana scabra, Long Dan Cao 50 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun to pt sun
Gentiana straminea, Qin Jiao 50 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun to pt sun
Gentiana tibetica, Tibetan Gentian, Qin Jiao 30 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun to pt sun
Impatiens balsamina, Tou Gu 50 Annual Sun to pt sun
Leonurus heterophyllus, Chinese Motherwort, Yi Mu Cao 50 Biennial, Herbaceous Sun
Lilium sargentiae, Tong Jiang Bai He, White trumpet Air bulbils - plant right away 8 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun
Malva verticillata, Farmer’s Tobacco, Dong Kui Guo 50 Annual or BiennialSun
Ocimum sanctum, Tulsi, Holy Basil 25 Annual Sun
Papaver somniferum, Breadseed Poppy, Ying Su Ke 50 Cool Season Annual Sun
Plantago asiatica, Asian Plantain, Che Qian Zi 25 Perennial Part Sun
Platycodon grandiflorus, Balloon Flower, Jie Geng 30 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun
Prunella vulgaris, Heal All, Xia Ku Cao 50 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun to pt sun
Salvia deserta, Xin Jiang Shu Wei Cao 50 Perennial Sun
Salvia miltiorrhiza, Red Sage, Dan Shen 50 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun
Salvia przewalskii, Red Sage, Dan Shen 25 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun
Saposhnikovia divaricata, Fang Feng 50 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun
Scutellaria barbata, Barbat Skullcap, Ban Zhi Lian 50 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun to pt sun
Schizonepeta tenuifolia, Japanese Catnip, Jing Jie 50 Annual Sun
Scutellaria baicalensis, Baikal Skullcap, Huang Qin 25 Perennial, Herbaceous Sun
Sesamum indicum, Black Sesame, Hei Zhi Ma 50 Annual Sun
Sophora flavescens, Ku Shen 30 Perennial Shrub Sun
Withania somnifera, Ashwagandha50 Tender Perennial, Herbaceous Sun

Each seed pack is $4.00. All are open-pollinated thus suitable for seed saving. Bulk seed is indicated in bold, email for availability. All seed is grown sustainably at our farm in Petaluma, although we are no longer certified organic all seeds are non-GMO and cultivated in compliance with the National Organic Program Standards. Seeds are simply dried and not treated and suitable for certified organic production; this is your certificate of compliance should your agricultural inspector call for one. Please email for availability. There is a $4. shipping charge per order. We accept personal and cashier’s checks, or email for credit card via PayPal.

For more information on sowing and growing please refer to Peg Schafer’s book: The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm: A Cultivator’s Guide to Small-Scale Organic Herb Production Including 79 detailed herb profiles, growing information, and medicinal use, Chelsea Green Publishing